A short guide to Modern Office design

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The interior of an office is important for several reasons. With an office design you convey an image of your organization, the company culture and what you find important in a collaboration. This also has a direct impact on employee productivity, something that you will find in the business results. A modern office design is therefore essential.

Ideally, you want a workplace where people can concentrate and where they can collaborate and communicate with each other. You also want a workplace that is physically and mentally comfortable, so that people can perform and function optimally. A modern office design strives to bring these functions together.

What are the characteristics of a modern office design?

The work of many people is changing due to the rapid developments in society. Organizations require employees to be innovative, flexible, creative and communicative. This includes an office that suits the new employee.

Guide to a Modern office design

Activity-Based Working

Activity-Based Working is a new trend that meets the demands of modern office design. You set up your office according to the functions, the number of employees and the projects that have priority at a certain moment.

For an activity-based working model, you divide the space into different flexible arrangements according to the function and the number of people using it. For example, you can use tables, desks and chairs on wheels that are quick and easy to move.

Flexible wall panels can be used to create places where employees can, for example, brainstorm about new product ideas.  You can also make tables and walls writable with whiteboard paint. New ideas and processes that surface during brainstorming can then be explained and discussed directly to colleagues.

Flexible workplaces also require flexible sockets and network cables. You can read how you can lay cables in your office effectively and safely in our article “Cable management”.

Privacy zones in your modern office design

With a number of acoustic panels you create privacy zones in a large space where your employees can isolate themselves if their work requires it. You can also use these rooms to have confidential conversations with your employees or for job interviews.

Room to move

Most people consciously choose a healthy lifestyle. This also includes sufficient exercise. It is important that your employees do not have to sit all day to do their work. Consider purchasing standing desks and creating space for people to move around. You can think of placing a treadmill or fitness bike in the office or a tennis table in the canteen.

Space for relaxation and meetings

You can create a lounge area for employees who need a break and don't feel like moving. With a few comfortable chairs in a cozy corner, people can recharge themselves for the next challenges in their work. You can also use this space for group meetings to keep each other informed about the status of a project or to exchange new ideas.

Use an industrial office design

You can perfectly furnish a modern office with an industrial office design. Especially if your company wants to project an image that is unconventional and creative.

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